The Beers

This page aims to be a quick reference list of all 300 beers in 300 Beers to Try Before You Die by Roger Protz. An asterisk denotes a substitution for a discontinued beer.

India Pale Ales


Brown and Mild Ales

Pale Ales


Best Bitters

Extra Strong Beers & Bitters

Old Ales, Barley Wines & Vintage Ales

Porters and Stouts

Golden Ales

Scottish Ales

Wheat Beers

Belgian Style Wheat Beers

Belgian Sour Red Beer

Bières de Garde


Alt and Amber Beers


  • Früh Kölsch Germany
  • Hellers Kölsch Germany
  • Hellers Ur-Weisse Germany

Trappist Beers

Abbey Beers

Steam Beer

Lambic and Gueuze

Beers made with Fruit, Spices, Herbs and Seeds

Pale Lagers

Black and Dark Lagers

  • Gordon Biersch Dunkles USA
  • Kaltenburg Konig Ludwig Dunkel Germany
  • Klasterni St. Norbert Dark Czech Republic
  • Köstritzer Schwarzbier Germany
  • Trebon Dark Regent Czech Republic
  • U Fleku Flekovsky Dark Czech Republic
  • Xingu Black Beer Brazil


Vienna Red, Märzen and Oktoberfest Beers

Dortmunder Export

  • Alfa Super Dortmunder Netherlands
  • DAB Export Germany
  • Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold USA
  • Gulpener Dort Netherlands
  • Pinkus Special Germany
  • Sapporo Yebisu Japan
  • Švyturys Ekstra Lithuania

Smoked Beer